NotationX is a concept that revolves around the idea that scientific and mathematical notation should be intuitive.

The current state of mathematical notation is broken.   It needs to be revamped, modernized, and made intuitive even to the uninitiated.

Contribute.  What are some of the symbols YOU find confusing?


Starting to Trade Again

I’m starting to trade again after a multi-year hiatus.  I’ve been occupied with so many other things.  This trade seems to be a nested head and shoulders pattern that may dip to 2045 soon.  Right now it’s still dropping and I didn’t catch it earlier, but it’s still a good trade.  Unfortunately the risk/reward is still about 1:1, but I am just trading simulation for now until I get back into my groove.



My Favorite WD Gann Tool

I’ve definitely found WD Gann tools to be effective in my trading experience.  Unfortunately, Gannalyst Pro is now gone.  I hope that people continue to post the software on mirrors or perhaps the author decides to create a Mac version.  I’ll be his/her first paying customer.

Gannalyst Pro 5.0

Body Measurements

Right Thigh 21.5″
Left Thigh 21.5″
Right Calf 14.5″
Left Calf 14.5″
Right Upper Arm (bicep and tricep) 13.25″
Left Upper Arm 13″
Right Shoulder (Deltoid circumference) 14″
Left Shoulder 14″
Right Forearm 11.25″
Left Forearm 10″
Waist (from belly-button) Relaxed 30″
Waist (from belly-button) Flex 29″
Neck 14.75″
Upper Latisimus Dorsi (Relaxed) 35.5″
Upper Latisimus Dorsi (Flexed) 37″

Downward Trend about to Begin

After reviewing stock prices today, I’ve concluded we are extremely close to the upward trend reversing into a downward trend.

Profitable Trade After Adjustments

Profitable Trade After AdjustmentsLooks like I had to make adjustments on the trade.  I was up a significant amount, but looks like the market changed a bit and I had to adapt.  The thing with corrective waves is that there are around 13 different corrective patterns.  With the S&P500, triangles tend to form more often than any other corrective pattern.  The most lucrative patterns tend to be the more rare A-B-C Flat corrective waves, as they are extremely precise.  With triangles like this, its still profitable, but less so since the trajectory is harder to pin down and the time involved is rough.

I had to exit a previous trade because it became clear that the next move was unpredictable.  I stomached a significant loss, but was able to recover 3 to 1.  Currently, the move is at the top of the triangle and will likely spring upwards as the MACD is implying upwards momentum.  Whichever way the move swings, I can profit from it.

Back in Action

Okay folks…

Back in Action, July 13 2011

After a long hiatus, I’m back in action.  I guess it’s been almost a year since I’ve posted here.  Life has been a series of unexpected events, much like the markets.  Of course, you cannot control what happens next, only how you react to it.  Luckily, I’m back on my feet and working hard again.

What we have here is a very standard range play.  It’s still bouncing up and down, going to hit the top of the range and back down again.  It’s a comfortable play for me to get my feet wet again.

I want to thank the people in the past month who have contributed to my growth.  I will always remember the experience and how it has fostered the next step in my personal development.

Wave 1 of 1 – Beginning of Downtrend

Wave 1 of 1 - Downtrend
Wave 1 of 1 - Downtrend

It appears that a Wave 1 of 1 has appeared and the move is pivoting downward.  I entered at Wave 2 and am currently short.  I entered at 1177.00.